10 Top Free Blogger Templates (2022)

10 Top Free Blogger Templates

10 Top Free Blogger Templates

Every day, a new set of Blogger-optimized templates is released. And deciding which one is right for you has gotten more difficult. The finest free Blogger theme is one that perfectly meets your requirements.

Here are 10 Responsive, Modern & Clean Blogger Templates.

Your blog will not only be visually appealing to visitors, but it will also be incredibly practical. I've included a template for creating a blog in almost every field, from fashion to technology, on the list. So, without further ado, let's get started.

These templates are completely free. But you can upgrade a few templates if you want to.

Polar Blogger Template for General Blogs

Polar Blogger Template for General Blogs

Polar is a plain Blogger theme with a lot of features. It is optimized for both SEO

and readers. Blogger also allows you to establish a professional blog in minutes.
All of the parts are designed to provide you and your readers with a pleasant

viewing experience.

Here are a few things I like about Polar:

- An attractive ‘author box’
- Breadcrumbs for effective navigation

- A responsive drop-down menu
- Subtle, popular post widget on the right

- Load more posts in the magazine-style

- perfect for a variety of blogs, from tech to recipes.

- The social widget helps place your social profiles beautifully.


Clean header and minimal footer to showcase credits and important pages

It is completely free to use. However, Polar Premium is just $12.95 if you wish to

erase credits and use premium features. But don't forget to learn what it's like to

use a live demo. Without a doubt, it's one of the greatest free blogger themes for


Live Demo I Download

Camille Blogger Theme for Fashion, Beauty, and Makeup Niches.

Camille Blogger Theme for Fashion, Beauty, and Makeup Niches.

Camille is a Blogger template that is simple and quick to load. Because it's a

versatile theme with responsive capabilities, your blog will look great on any

device. If you want to start a fashion, beauty, or make-up blog, go no further than


Here are a few features Camille boasts of:

- SEO-friendly

- Awesome header

- Ads-ready template

- Three footer columns

- Social media sharing

- Responsive drop-down

- Navigational breadcrumbs

- Minimalist and 3D style theme

- Create a portfolio, magazine, or general blog.  

Camille has all of the features you'd expect from a WordPress theme. And if you

also have a WordPress site, there’s a version for WordPress as well. But it’s a

premium version and comes for a one-time payment of $59. Go for a live demo

before doing anything.

Live Demo I Download

LMS Education Blogger Template.

LMS Education Blogger Template.

Do you wish to use Google's Blogger to construct an educational website? Look

no further than the LMS Education template, which includes everything you'll

need to get your learning management system up and running.

There are several admirable features that have been elegantly included in the

theme. Let me guide you through the advantages of using this template.

- Enjoy the editable, dynamic menu.

- Delete any menu without any coding.

- Boast of your awesome testimonials.

- Support the responsive dropdown menu. 

- Display all your blogger labels uniquely.

- Change the background image or logo seamlessly.

- Show your social media profiles using sleek buttons.

- Show your latest courses or classes sorted by 'Labels'.

- Put up the list of the latest blog posts with featured images.

The templates have a few credit links. And you may want to get the LMS Education Pro for $19 to remove them. It's a one-time fee that includes lifetime upgrades. It's without a doubt one of the most useful free blogger themes for educators.

Live Demo I Download


Infinity Portfolio: Free Blogger Template for Agencies & Freelancers

Infinity Portfolio: Free Blogger Template for Agencies & Freelancers

It's the most recent on-page blogger theme, ideal for a wide range of companies

and freelancers. Use Google's Blogger to present your portfolio and seem more

professional than before. It's also jam-packed with cool features like

testimonials, services, and projects.

Here’s a sneak peek into the top features:

- Email subscription widget 

- Vertical drop-down menu 

- Authoritative above-the-fold

- Footer column and sidebars

- Amp-ready and SEO-friendly

- Let your clients meet your team.

- Showcase your projects seamlessly.

- Maps and contact details in the footer

- Compatible with almost all browsers.

- It is highly responsive for all screen sizes.

Infinity Portfolio is a responsive Blogger theme that allows you to dynamically display your job expertise. You'll also get a nice variety of attractive drawings and slideshows with the design. If you're a freelancer or an agency owner, this stylish, modern, and clean Blogger template is for you.

Live Demo I Download

Camera Blogger Theme for Photography & Travel

Camera Blogger Theme for Photography & Travel

If you wish to start a photography blog or a travel diary, the Camera Blogger template is ideal. It’s optimized for SEO and responsive for all devices. The color contrast is dark by default, but you can modify it to your liking.

Here are a few features you would like to know about:

- Create an eye-catchy feed for your photos.

- Let your readers enjoy the cleanest, responsive layout.

- Make use of the drop-down menu

- Welcome your readers with an interactive carousel.

- Showcase ‘tags’ associated with each post.

- Embrace clutter-free typography.

- Increase your followers using a social widget.

- Add as many widgets as you want.

- Related posts your readers may like under every post.

It contains all you need to show off your photography abilities or brag about your vacations, in my opinion. However, if you want more color options or to remove the credit, you can always upgrade.

Live Demo I Download

FutureMag Template for Magazines & News Site

FutureMag Template for Magazines & News Site

For online magazines, publishing houses, and news sites, FutureMag is the ideal free Blogger template. However, you may use it for almost any blog. Just below the header is a fantastic news ticker. The design is simple and easy to understand.

Here are a few things you’ll love about FutureMag:

- Highly responsive to almost all the devices

- Always moving news ticker

- Clean header and footer.

- Pages and social buttons just above the header

- Menu for category-pages

- Right sidebar for featured and recent posts.

- Related posts are shown under each post.

Despite the fact that the site is jam-packed with functionality, it nevertheless

loads quickly. Just below the ticker, you can display the most recent blog posts.

A three-column footer allows you to display more information. I also enjoy

how the credits in the footer are brief.

Live Demo I Download

Plate Blogger Theme for Food Blog or Restaurant Site

Plate Blogger Theme for Food Blog or Restaurant Site

Plate is a perfect Blogger template for creating a recipe blog or a restaurant site.

All the recipe posts look mesmerizing, without a doubt. But you can also create a

personal, travel, or OOTD blog using the theme.

Let me sprinkle a few features onto your plate now:

- Usage of multi-colors (orange, white, and red)

- Right sidebar is compatible with all the widgets.

- Ready for ads, SEO, and social media

- three-column footer for an elegant look.

- Breadcrumb navigation.

- Fully responsive template.

The template has a variety of features with a wide range of use while maintaining

a clean appearance. It's also equipped to display advertisements and social

networking buttons. Without a doubt, Plate marks the next era of Blogger themes. The premium edition is also available for purchase.

Live Demo I Download

SoraShop Blogger Template for eCommerce Stores

SoraShop Blogger Template for eCommerce Stores

SoraShop is a premium-looking theme that you can use to build an online store.

Thanks to its attractive design, you may offer anything from computers to

children's clothing. Although you may upgrade to the premium version, I was

initially shocked to find it for free.

Let me introduce some of its top features now:

- A three-column footer.

- Responsive for all devices.

- Elegant Add to Cart buttons.

- Collections and product list widgets.

- Ads-ready and friendly for SEO.

- Exciting online store template for Blogger.

- A fully functional layout for several widgets.

- Multi colors and beautiful post thumbnails.

- intelligently adapted from the WordPress ecosystem.

- It adjusts the dimensions according to screen sizes.

There's more, though. You can create a blog to showcase adverts and earn money

in addition to running an online store. It also implies that you set it up for a fashion

or electronics blog.  I must say that it’s the most versatile Blogger template I have

ever come across.

Live Demo I Download

Pixel Free Blogger Template Perfect for Showing Ads

Pixel Free Blogger Template Perfect for Showing Ads

I adore ad templates that are ready to use. Pixel happens to be one of them.

Downloading it is entirely free. It also has a plethora of spaces and widgets

for displaying Google Adverts or third-party ads. It's for this reason that it's so

popular among AdSense publishers.

Let’s have a look at some of its top features now:

- Pages and social buttons on the top offer a clean look.

- Responsive for any device.

- Placements for ads.

- Posts are listed under each category or 'Label'.

- SidePosts bar with any widget you want to show.

- Navigational numbering for posts.

- Three-column footer ‘Designed by Colorlib’ credits.

- Box for the author’s bio.

- Easy to comment on a post.

Live Demo I Download

Kaplan Blogger Template for News, Automotive, or Gossip

Kaplan Blogger Template for News, Automotive, or Gossip  Blogs

It’s a clean Blogger theme perfect for news, auto, or gossip blogs. It allows you to show

off a variety of blog content from various categories. On the right, there's a slide

featuring popular posts, comments, tags, and more.

Here are a few features you need to know:

- Pages and social media profile buttons on the top.

- Blog posts are classified by labels.

- Right-slide with a variety of widgets.

- Social sharing buttons after the hover.

- Seamless contact-us section.

There are three columns in the footer where you may put a little 'about' text,

contact information, and more.

Live Demo I Download

How to Install a Blogger Template Quickly and Easily

Installing a Blogger template is easy, Let me walk you through the step-by-step process

right now.

- Download the template using the buttons or links. 

- Extract the zipped file and unzip it.

- Log in to your Blogger Dashboard.

- Hover over to the ‘Theme’ section. 

- Click on ‘Backup/Restore’ (in case something bad happens).

- Choose the template folder.

- Select the .xml file and upload it.

That is all there is to it! You've just finished installing and downloading a Blogger theme.

You're all set to start creating fantastic stuff right now. But first, I propose that you

carefully select a topic. Also, before you choose a template, take a look at the live demo.